Why Should We Vote For Biden?

Why should we vote for Biden? I mean, he’s old, he’s a creep, and worst of all, he’s a neoliberal. So why should we vote for him? Because under the severely flawed American voting system, he’s the moral choice. 

To be clear, I am NOT saying that you shouldn’t work for something better than Biden. I’m saying that right now, he is the optimal vote for the progressive leftist movement. There will be no progress under Trump’s fascism. Donald Trump has already shown that he will smear and damage opposition wherever he can, even committing insidious offenses to manipulate voters and consolidate power. 

Voting for Biden doesn’t mean you agree with all his actions and beliefs. It is a strategy to showcase that the problem with the US is not Trump in specific, but rather neoliberalism as a whole, which has been completely unable to deal with the exploitation of workers and the rise of fascism. 

The Democratic establishment has its flaws, yeah, but at least they’re more interested in the truth than Republicans. If we want to change the US election system, which we should, then we need to do everything in our power to make that more likely, which voting for Biden will do. 

  • On accelerationism: It doesn’t work. When a party is in power they gain more leverage. It won’t help progressives to vote for Trump, who actively tells his supporters that anti-fascists are a threat to the country. 

One final note: To say that this country needs to improve is not out of some twisted hatred of the US, it is out of love. It is because we are closer than ever before in history to having a democracy that works for everyone that we want to change this country. It is because we recognize the fatal flaws in the system and how dangerously close we are to fascism that we want improvement. 

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