Hi, I'm Alejandro Gonzalez

Photo of Alejandro Gonzalez

Founder of the aptly named alexgl.com and young expert on using the principles of programming and design to achieve your goals.

At this unique intersection of fields, I can provide powerful and efficient changes in your life in areas like understanding your behavior, making more money, using that money effectively, automating your business, and achieving your most ambitious goals. 

I want to help you. Because helping you means helping the world.

Incidentally, one of my most ambitious goals is to help the entire world. Easy.

My Approach

Learn from the best. Surrounding yourself with great people and the techniques that led to their success can only help you. That's why I'm doing exactly that, and sharing the bulk of my knowledge with you for free.

(Plus, contrary to popular belief, sharing 90% of your useful content with people will result in more sales, because you're gaining the trust of your clients/viewers!)